Gender detection

Facelytics is able to detect wether you are a man or a woman in real time.

Accessories detection

Facelytics is able to detect accessories such as eyeglasses, a mustach, or any other accessories you want.

Age estimation

Obtain an age estimation with Facelytics and set up by yourself the accuracy of the age estimation in order to meet your goals.

Emotion detection

Smile, Surprise, Neutrality, Disgust. It’s now easy to detect the real effect of your contents on people.

Multiface detection

No matter how many people are looking at the screen, we process them all.


Gathering metrics and datas about your customer / visitor, without bothering them with filling forms is now possible with Facelytics.

What is Facelytics ?

Facelytics is a SDK and a cloud based solution able to detect face criterias of people located in front of a camera, by analyzing the video feed in realtime.

Facelytics is able to track multiple faces and then detect gender, some emotions, age range and accessories like glasses for each detected face.

Thanks to Facelytics, including highly valuable features becomes a child’s play. For example :

  • Improving ad targeting in your apps
  • Collecting anonymous data about the users
  • Customizing the rendering of an app
  • Create new user experience

Try Facelytics

Upload one of your picture* and Facelytics will detect your age and gender!

      Browse a picture

Enjoy selfie mode by using the mobile version

* Please note that | The picture should contain only one face | The face shouldn’t be hidden | Both eyes should face the camera

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